Racism. What can we do?

Just a few months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American in Ferguson, MO in August, 2014, I began meeting with a racially diverse group of pastors to build friendships, establish trust, and prepare to lead our churches and community in case a "Ferguson" situation occurred locally. We began meeting every other … Continue reading Racism. What can we do?


On most Sunday afternoons, I’m thinking about the message I preached that morning. Almost every Monday morning, I’m still processing what I could have said differently, explained more clearly, or, perhaps, illustrated better the day before. I wish I had sermon do-overs. I imagine most everyone who communicates on a regular basis (teachers, professors, salespeople, … Continue reading Enough


The recent global pandemic of COVID-19 or Coronavirus and the need for physical distancing has raised a significant question, "What is the Church?" All of a sudden, the meaning, significance, and purpose of the church has raised some interesting, practical questions. If we can’t meet at a particular place or gather together at a specific … Continue reading Church


Reading thru the Old Testament pentateuch book of Numbers is difficult but not just because of soooo many laws, regulations, and details of ceremonial and personal holiness. Numbers is a tough read because of the conflict and rebellion of good people, God's people, who experienced many miraculous experiences of God's faithfulness (Egyptian plagues, crossing the … Continue reading Numbers


Over Thanksgiving break during my sophomore year of college in 1987, Walt Baker asked me to consider going to Haiti on a 9-week missions trip with him and others the following summer. As a struggling college student, finances were tight to say the least. I anticipated needing to save money and work all summer long … Continue reading Barnabas

I AM with You

One of the greatest, most comforting, and most repeated promises of God in His Word is,“I am with you.” God’s desire is to be with us, live with us, love us, and, as we say today, “do life with us.” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth as a place to be … Continue reading I AM with You