Wisdom for a world gone wild

Contrary to popular opinion and New Years' optimism, the world is not getting any better. Read any year-end summaries of 2013 global events and people  (Time, WSJ, Yahoo, Dave Barry, and even Facebook) and you'll see there are still wars (Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan) and rumors of wars (Iran, South Korea, Pakistan). There are still murders (Trevon Martin, … Continue reading Wisdom for a world gone wild

God planned it for good

Two boys were walking along a street when they encountered a large dog blocking the sidewalk. “Don’t be afraid,” one of the boys told his more timid friend. “Look at his tail, how it wags. When a dog wags his tail he won’t bite you.” “That may be,” admitted the other, “but look at that … Continue reading God planned it for good

Waiting . . .

No one likes to wait. At least, I don't. We want instant access through instant messaging and Instagram. We expect immediate results from our search engine - at least 763,000,000 results in 0.34 seconds. We live in a world of fast food, fast lanes, and faster downloads through our wireless network. It's not complicated - … Continue reading Waiting . . .