Is Heaven for Real?

I've been thinking a lot about Heaven recently. I've been hearing people talk about it a lot, too. But it seems there are many prevalent misconceptions about what it is. Is Heaven for real?According to the Barna research group, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that there is a place called Heaven and a Hell, but what people … Continue reading Is Heaven for Real?

Running, climbing, and dancing

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a professional ballroom dancer,  breathes and lives dance.  One year ago, she went to the Boston Marathon with her husband, Air Force Captain Adam Davis, to celebrate his safe return from the war in Afghanistan. But 6,500 miles away from the war zone, a bomb went off in their own neighborhood.  The bomb severely damaged her left foot … Continue reading Running, climbing, and dancing

Big things come in small packages

Have you ever looked under the Christmas tree to inspect still-wrapped gifts for size and shape and weight? As a child, I used to think, “the bigger, the better.” But over the years, I’ve discovered the wonderful reality that big things come in small packages. In fact, the greatest things come in small packages. This couldn’t … Continue reading Big things come in small packages

The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas time is here Happiness and cheer Fun for all that children call Their favorite time of the year... One of the challenges of Christmas is letting God speak to your soul rather than simply lull you to sleep. The familiarity of Christmas stories, songs, and scriptures can detour your heart down an emotional street, … Continue reading The Wonder of Christmas

How does love respond to failure?

For most students, this time of year is filled with final examinations and graduation celebrations. With the tests, come the opportunities to succeed as well as the risks of failure. Test are given to not only to demonstrate what has been learned, but also to expose what is still unknown and what's left to be … Continue reading How does love respond to failure?


Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and emergency personnel in Moore, OK. PlanoBibleChapel is partnering with other local churches to send much needed supplies directly Moore, OK shelters where it is needed. If you live in the Plano, TX area, please click here for a specific, limited list of items needed and drop-off … Continue reading OKLAHOMA RELIEF

Praying for those in Moore, OK today

Over the past week, we have witnessed the devastating effects of thunderstorms and tornadoes.  This morning, our hearts are breaking for the people in Moore, Oklahoma who are suffering unimaginable loss. We mourn for those who have lost children, lost their homes, and lost their hope. Even while we pray for them today, we also … Continue reading Praying for those in Moore, OK today