Racism. What can we do?

Just a few months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American in Ferguson, MO in August, 2014, I began meeting with a racially diverse group of pastors to build friendships, establish trust, and prepare to lead our churches and community in case a "Ferguson" situation occurred locally. We began meeting every other … Continue reading Racism. What can we do?


On most Sunday afternoons, I’m thinking about the message I preached that morning. Almost every Monday morning, I’m still processing what I could have said differently, explained more clearly, or, perhaps, illustrated better the day before. I wish I had sermon do-overs. I imagine most everyone who communicates on a regular basis (teachers, professors, salespeople, … Continue reading Enough


By the time we get to the Old Testament Chronicles (reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation), we’re tired of history. Done. After all, the Chronicles seems to repeat what we’ve just read in Samuel and Kings. Making it more difficult, it seems, is the really slow beginning of nine chapters of genealogies. Name after … Continue reading Chronicles

Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday. Most scholars believe that the word, “maundy,” comes from the Latin word “mandatum,” which means, “command.” It was on the Thursday of Christ’s final week before His crucifixion on, what we call, “Good Friday,” that He gave this command to His disciples while they were sharing the Passover meal: “A new … Continue reading Maundy Thursday

MLK “The Other America”

The Other America Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Stanford University April 14, 1967 Members of the faculty and members of the student body of this great institution of learning; ladies and gentlemen. Now there are several things that one could talk about before such a large, concerned, and enlightened audience. There are so many problems … Continue reading MLK “The Other America”


Manipulation and deception might get you or me what we want when we want it, but at the high cost of relationships with our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and others. Reading through the Bible, I’m reminded how the patriarch Jacob became a deceiver by following the example and encouragement of  both his father, Isaac (Genesis … Continue reading Deception

Resolving Conflict

As we gather together this week to celebrate Thanksgiving, we begin the Holiday season that provides significant time with family and friends. For many, however, the extra time with people is not a time of celebration, but of significant stress because of unresolved conflict -- maybe even many years of it. The easy thing, the … Continue reading Resolving Conflict