The Messiah – more than just background music?

In December of 1984, during my junior year at Lakeview Centennial High School, the a cappella choir was invited to sing George Frideric Handel’s, Messiah, in its entirety with our rival school (South Garland) at the newly opened Garland Performing Arts Center. Many of us were friends from earlier days at O’Banion Middle School, so we were excited to … Continue reading The Messiah – more than just background music?

God’s Unshakable Hope

Most of the time, our meaning of hope is not much more than wishful thinking. We say things like,  "I hope we have a White Christmas." "I hope the Texas Rangers win the World Series." "I hope the Dallas Cowboys can win at least one meaningful game someday." "I hope I got an “A” on … Continue reading God’s Unshakable Hope

You’re a piece of work!

"Well, you're a piece of work." Has anyone ever said that to you? It's a sarcastic way of saying, "you're messed up - there's something wrong with you."  It's normally used of someone who is difficult to get along with on an every day basis. Perhaps, it originates from the "What a Piece of Work … Continue reading You’re a piece of work!


A few months ago, DeeDee and I got together with some great friends before they moved to the Seattle area. This month is our anniversary, of sorts - the four of us have been friends for 20 years. As we sat and watched our growing kids play together, we reminisced. We had some time to … Continue reading Friends