Prayer for Teachers

Teacher AppreciationLord God Almighty and our Heavenly Father, we ask for Your powerful presence in our 72 public school campuses here in Plano, as well as the private schools, those homeschooling, and thousands across our country. Above and beyond the reasonable boundaries of our walls and security (Psalm 127:1), we ask for Your protection over our schools. Relieve our teachers and administrators from fear, yet, give them courage to protect our children and community when necessary.

Thank you for the 6,500 employees of PISD who serve in our schools. We ask that you would provide and retain teachers and administrators with integrity of character who will honor Your boundaries and plans for each child’s wellbeing and growth. Give our educators skill in teaching, wisdom in discipline, grace for each child, and peace in their classrooms.

High school teacherWe pray that you would provide all the time and resources necessary for each teacher to instill knowledge in their students and actively communicate with parents. We pray that you would give our teachers the insights and skills necessary to meet the individual educational needs of each student, and yet raise up an entire generation that would be equipped to lead their family, community, country, and world for Your glory.

We ask, Lord God, that you would use teachers to inspire each child to discover Your calling for them. We pray today that You would provide the opportunities for them to be ready for the future You have planned for them. We pray for students who have special needs and students who come from troubled homes that they would receive the extra grace, mercy, and love they need to overcome their extra challenges. Father, we ask that You would use the lessons in each classroom, the coaching on each field, and the experiences on each stage to prepare students to be critical thinkers, hard-working citizens, honorable leaders, and active participants in Your world.

StudentsEnable our principals, administrators, and school board members to see beyond the dollars and the desks to reach the families and children of our community. Provide Your generous resources to compensate teachers for all their sacrifices and effectively manage the needs of the students. Give them wisdom to know how to improve student & system performance, provide discipline & safe environments, evaluate & equip staff, and plan for the future.

We pray that Your power would not only be present in the lives of our teachers, but that You would be known through their faith, hope, and love. We praise You and thank You for them.

In Jesus’ Name and for Your Glory, Amen.

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