But God…

But GodI am overwhelmed, but God is in control.
I am alone, but God is with me.
I am confused, but God understands.
I am attacked, but God has my back.

I am frail, but God never fails.
I am hurt, but God heals.
I am betrayed, but God plans it for good.
I am tired, but God never sleeps.

I am planning, but God will prevail.
I am humbled, but God is exalted.
I am faithless, but God is faithful.
I am friendless, but God is my friend.

I am afflicted, but God comforts me.
I am weary, but God is the strength of my heart.
I am unlovable, but God is love.
I am dead in my sins, but God made me alive in Christ.

I know not, but God knows.
I cannot, but God can.
I see not, but God sees.
I have not, but God is all I need.

3 thoughts on “But God…

  1. I hope you know God has gifted you with the ability to write and put into words wisdom, challenge, encouragement, confidence, maturity and growth as believers. Keep it coming and let me encourage you to share it with publishers as well. Love you son.


    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Larry Gene. I’m grateful that the Lord God continues to reveal Himself to me thru His Word, His people, His works, and His Spirit. I’m thankful that He keeps His promise that when we seek Him we will find Him when we follow Him with all our heart (Jer. 29:13, James 4:8). I’m prayerful that by sharing some of the overflowing joy from my heart that comes from following Jesus that others will follow Him, too.


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